Do you have questions about "going native"?

Watch this TedX video of Chris Schad explaining why he created a native prairie on his land... (hint - it involves toast...)


Information about our Native Prairies & Plants

Compiled by Joel Dunnette

Organizations Providing Services for Prairie Plantings  
(S=seed, P=plants, D=Design, I=install, M=maintenance/consulting)

Applied Ecology Services: Spring Lake Nursery Prior Lake MN (952) 447-920,  (P, I, M)

Driftless Land Stewardship, Bagley, WI (608) 996-2135, (I, M)

Feder's Prairie Seed Co., Blue Earth, MN (507) 526-3049, (S)

Herring Exterior Design, Rochester, MN (877) 450-9815, (P, D, I, M)

Ion Exchange Nursery, Harpers Ferry IA (800) 291-2143, (S, P)

Landscape Alternatives,
 Taylor’s Falls MN (612) 488-3142, (P)

Outback Nursery, Hastings MN (651) 438-2771, (P, I)

Peterson's Greenhouse, Rochester, MN (507) 289-5252, (P)

Prairie Moon Nursery,
 Winona MN (507) 452-1362, (S, P)

Prairie Restorations Inc., 5 regional MN offices (612) 389-4342, (S, P, I, M)

Sargent’s Nursery, Rochester MN (507) 289-0022, (P, D, I)

Shooting Star Native Seed, Spring Grove MN (507) 498-3993, (S, I, M)

Restoration & Landscaping:

Gardening with Prairie Plants, by Sally Wasowski, The University of Minnesota Press, 2002.  285p Attractive, well written, with many examples of actual plantings. MN Department of Natural Resources: is an excellent compilation of information on use of all types of native plants, in large or small situations. is A Prairie Restoration handbook for Minnesota Landowners.

Prairie Establishment and Landscaping, by Bill McClain, free at


Wildflowers of Wisconsin and the Great Lakes Region – a comprehensive field guide, by Merel Black and Emmet Judziewicz.  University of Wisconsin Press, 2008.   Compact, but comprehensive.

Tallgrass Prairie Wildflowers, by Doug Ladd and Frank Oberle.  Falcon Press and The Nature Conservancy, 1995.  Excellent photos and descriptions of many of the tallgrass prairie plants.

Newcomb’s Wildflower Guide, by Lawrence Newcomb and Gordon Morrison.  Little, Brown and Co., 1977.  Includes wildflowers, shrubs and vines of NE + N Central North America.

Grasses: an Identification Guide, by Lauren Brown.  Houghton Mifflin Co. 1979.

The Prairie Enthusiasts – folks who manage and restore private and public prairies.  SE MN chapter is Prairie Smoke.


Wild Ones - promote the establishment of native communities around homes and businesses, using ecologically sound practices.



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